Southern Baptist Disaster Relief responds to disasters across the US and around the world.  The HBA cooperates with Florida Baptist Disaster Relief units, as well as cooperating with the Southern Baptist Convention in responding to disasters in the Halifax area as well as nationwide.
In a time of disaster, volunteers from HBA churches help those who are hurting by ministering to their physical needs by cleaning up debris, securing tarps over roofs, and making their homes safe and secure; ministering to their emotional needs through listening and caring for those affected by the disaster; and ministering to their spiritual needs by sharing the Gospel by example.  If you need the assistance of one of our response teams following a disaster please contact the HBA Office by telephone at 386-258-7788 or by emailing us.




  • Professions of Faith 2,642

  • Ministry Contacts 72,272

  • Gospel Presentations 25,743

  • Volunteer Days 32,556

  • Patients Seen 32,386

  • Meals Prepared 272,963

  • Chainsaw Jobs 292

  • Mudout Jobs 1,610

  • Repair Jobs 290

  • Roofing Jobs 9

  • Children Cared For 596

  • Water Purified (gallons) 4.308

  • Showers 4,297

  • Messages 15

  • Laundry (loads) 2,065

  • Buckets of Hope Collected 155,000 (via